Welcome to our office pods & office booths section where you will find our own range of breakout booths, acoustic meeting rooms, acoustic teamwork pods and study booths. They provide practical agile working solutions and the perfect environment for collaborative teamwork.

What is an Office Booth?

Office booths by Citrus Seating are ideal solutions for creating meeting rooms,  team workspaces and briefing meetings or even solo working and call spaces.

We offer a range of solutions for all budgets and working environments. We also have a range of phone booths which are ideal for open plan environments where an important call can be made without blocking out meeting rooms.

They are an inviting space where teams can get together for breakout sessions quickly and away from distractions from their surrounding work stations.

Citrus Seating 4 person office booth with back wall


A versatile booth for meetings, collaborative working and break-out groups.

Citrus Seating Hugi office booth and office pod blue


A contemporary and original design, with an extremely reasonable price tag.

Citrus Seating Unity office booth grey and green


A curved booth; stylishly designed for maximum comfort and a sumptuous feel

Citrus Seating Dinah canteen-style office booths


A contemporary booth seating system, perfect for dining and breakout spaces

Citrus Seating Frank office booth with roof


Booth seating perfect for quiet work spaces, meetings or group presentations.

Citrus Seating James office booth with cantilevered table


A high-back modular system, available with roofs – that can be used to create entire booths or dynamic seating spaces.

Citrus Seating Ringo office pod workspace green


A new circular meeting pod that provides great collaborative working space for 6-8 people

Citrus Seating Luna office pod in orange


Unique, compact pods that create a great distraction-free working environment

Citrus Seating Peter 4-person office pod


These pods come in a variety of shapes, designed to quietly house different groups for meetings or discussions.

Citrus Seating Daisy office booth with table


Ideal for meetings, group discussion and presentations and can comfortably seat up to 4 people.